Neuroscience of Multisensory Perception and Sensory-Deprivation

1 Visiting Professor position
(Deadline December 14th, 2016 12:00 )

Cognitive Neuroscience, Multisensory Perception, Sensory Deprivation, Neuroimaging


The position involves qualified research activities in the topics of structural and functional data processing with the MOMILAB fellows, related to the field of sensory deprivation (e.g., blindness, deafness, etc.); supervising research activity of PhDs and conducting research seminars.


Candidates should have an extensive international academic experience and have a significant profile in the field of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience of multisensory perception and sensory deprivation. In particular, candidates should have a significant expertise in structural and functional processing of brain data in humans, acquired with neuroimaging methodologies.

Formal requirements

The candidate must have a curriculum with a suitable scientific background for carrying out research activity in the required field (i.e., perception and sensory deprivation) and a PhD in a related field. Excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken.

Specific requirements

Candidate must have an excellent record of high-impact publications in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience of perception and sensory-deprivation (e.g., blindness); experience with teaching activity.

Gross amount

About 3.200 euros


12 months

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Contratto di lavoro autonomo
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