Research Project Grant in Development of novel acquisition tools for brain sensory areas using magnetic resonance technology

1 Research Project Grant position
(Deadline April 3rd, 2017 12:00 )

Magnetic resonance imaging, data processing and analysis, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience


Participation in the research activities of the Research Unit aimed to map the network of sensory areas (visual, auditory, tactile) and investigate the connectivity dynamics involved in cerebral responses to sensory stimulation.  In this respect, novel insight about the functional organization and connectivity in the presence of time-varying and possibly superimposed stimuli may come from innovative experimental approaches and state-of-the-art magnetic resonance technology. These approaches will require the development of novel acquisition schemes and data processing tools. In particular, research activities include:

- Implementation of magnetic resonance acquisition protocols at high (3T) and ultra-high (7T) magnetic field.
- Implementation and setup of sensory stimulaton paradigms (visual and/or auditory and/or tactile) during functional MRI experiments, for the study of human   brain function in response to sensory stimulation.
- Implementation and optimization of methods for MRI data processing and analysis.
- Computational and mathematical modeling of magnetic resonance signals and cognitive systems.
- General activities of support to the School research


Expertise in structural and functional processing of brain data in humans, acquired with magnetic resonance neuroimaging (preferably with ultra high-field systems) and in computer programming (MATLAB and/or C).

Formal requirements

Graduate Degree in physics, biomedical engineering or related areas.

Suitable scientific background for carrying out research activity and experience in the field that should be described in the curriculum vitae. Experience in computer programming (MATLAB and/or C) and magnetic resonance neuroimaging (preferably with ultra high-field systems). A very good knowledge of both written and spoken English is required.


Meditate Lucca

Gross amount

Total Amount: 7.000€


6 months

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